Reindeer Food?

Reindeer Food?

So, I am putting together bags of food for Santa’s Reindeer to chomp on when they get to our house. But I have no clue what to put in them.

So far I have edible glitter and rolled oats. What else does Santa give to his flying machine to keep them fuelled up?

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Baptising the parent

Baptising the parent

Raise your hand if you have ever been peed or pooped on by a baby? Congratulations! You can consider yourself baptised.

This is no random act by your baby, meant to ruin your new suit or lovely woolen dress. You have been chosen. What you have been chosen for exactly may not become clear for many years to come. Maybe you will be the person that child will come to for advice on how to talk to the opposite sex? Maybe you will be a source of personal sterength for the child as they navigate puberty. Maybe you will be the person they go to when they want free booze? But whatever it is, that child has you earmarked for a certain reason.

It is a precious gift. One that not everyone recieves. An acknowledgment that there is now a sacred bond between you and the precious bundle you hold.

At least that’s what I told my partner, when our daughter peed, pooped and vomitted over him in the first hour of her being home. It takes the sting out of the memory of it, even though we both know that in reality he was just unlucky.

The takeaway from this? When life gives you lemons, just stick a label on it and call it something more palatable. Others will appreciate the gesture.

I bet he has no idea he has just been

I bet he has no idea he has just been “chosen”.